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is an energetic results-focused business enterprise dedicated to serving multiple business sectors

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Lausanne Misr is a dynamic, results-driven enterprise dedicated to serving a diverse range of business sectors. Our expertise spans booth construction, cladding and branding, indoor and outdoor mobile buildings, interior and exterior designs, sign systems, and printing practices. We curate integrated portfolios that exemplify outstanding and high-performance business solutions, offering unprecedented value to all our business associates. With a proven track record spanning 32 years, Lausanne Misr has earned a first-rate reputation in the industry.

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    Signs of Character


    • Exhibition Stands
    • Booth Construction
    • Signage System
    • Outdoor Constructions
    • Mobile Buildings


    • Professional Design team
    • 3D Visualizing
    • Theme Decoration
    • Creative Concept
    • Cladding and Branding

    Event Production

    • Opening Ceremonies
    • Wedding Production
    • Entertainment Halls
    • Concerts
    Booth construction

    Booth construction

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    Sign Systems

    Sign Systems

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    Printing practices

    Printing practices

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    Cladding and branding

    Cladding and branding

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    Indoor and outdoor </br>mobile buildings

    Indoor and outdoor
    mobile buildings

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    Interior and exterior</br> designs & production

    Interior and exterior
    designs & production

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    Word of the Chairman

    Welcome to the captivating realm of specialized construction and event management, orchestrated by Lausanne Misr. In today's dynamic marketing and event management landscape, there is nothing quite as impactful as the tangible experience - the touch, the scent, the visuals, the sounds, and the emotions it evokes. This industry has assumed unprecedented economic significance, guiding brands towards the creation of identities finely tailored to their unique requirements.
    At Lausanne Misr, we transcend mere services and products; we are the architects of brands, offering comprehensive solutions and boundless opportunities. Our clientele comprises renowned global brands, steeped in fame and tradition. As we bask in the radiance of burgeoning business prospects, Lausanne Misr harnesses a rich and diverse array of projects to propel businesses of all kinds towards constant growth.

    Global presence

    our Strategy

    Predominantly affianced in marketing and event management, Lausanne Misr holds onto ongoing eagerness to upkeep the Middle East and Africa’s openness to the world. Executing stateof-the-art world-class notions from concept to execution, the company provides professional avenues for customers, to experience cutting edge notions and brilliant solutions.
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